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Sound Wave Image Generator App – How it works?

SoundViz has created a sound wave image generator app that is very quick and easy to use. You can create art simply by using your smartphone! Just pick any sound, song, or noise and follow these 4 easy steps to create your personalized waveform art.

  1. REGISTER YOURSELF ON OUR WEBSITE- Go to and click “Try It For Free”.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Your Sound Wave?

You should receive your prints within about two weeks of placing your order. Since all of our prints are custom and made-to-order, unfortunately, we do not offer any type of overnight option. Please keep in mind, custom art pieces take time!

If you’re in a rush, then we recommend purchasing a digital download. You will receive a vector PDF file instantly to your email address for just $30.00 USD. Then, you can take the file to your local printer to avoid any processing and shipping time.

We highly recommend going to a fine art printer vs. an office print shop like FedEx or Kinko’s. Fine art printers have quality paper and ink which will make your sound wave look amazing on the wall!

Please let us know if you have any trouble finding a fine art printer in your area.

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