SoundViz Accepted File Types

SoundViz now supports most major audio AND video formats

If you are trying to upload an iTunes audio file of .m4a, be aware that most of them contain a type of digital protection called DRM that will prevent us from analyzing your file. Because of this, we do not currently support m4a audio files.

If you think your file might be one of these, we recommend checking out Amazon’s mp3 store. They have just about everything, all DRM free and most of their songs are $1 – $2.

Here a list of our currently supported filetypes:

Audio Video
.mp3 .mp4
.wav .wmv
.ra .webm
.ram .flv
.rm .avi
.ogg .mov

As we gather more feedback, we’ll extend this list. If you see something missing, please let us know and we’ll work on including it.

Get over there and try it out on SoundViz!

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