Eminem makes a “surprise” comeback with his new album “Music To Be Murdered By”! And he takes the opportunity to beat a new record by rapping 229 words in 30 seconds on the track “Godzilla”.

That’s why, today Soundviz wanted to honour one of the world’s greatest rappers! Eminem! Who delighted all his fans this Friday, January 17, 2020 by releasing his brand new album. This unexpected opus is composed of 20 tracks and lasts nearly 64 minutes. “Music To Be Murdered By” is composed of many collaborations such as “Godzilla” with the late Juice WRLD but also “Those Kinda Nights” featuring Ed Sheeran.

The record cover makes reference to Alfred Hitchcok as the rapper explained on Twitter. On this cover, we see Eminem in his 31 with an axe and a gun in each hand. Blood runs down the side of the cover, which is predominantly red.  

“Music To Be Murdered By” is a follow-up to “Kamikaze”, also a surprise opus released in 2018.

New record

While critics are rather positive among fans, the new album proves that Eminem is still in good shape despite his 47 years of age. And as proof, the author has totally exploded his speed record on the track Godzilla. At the end of the song, on the third verse, Slim Shady rapped 229 words in 30 seconds, or 339 syllables, which is 11.3 syllables per second.

As a reminder, Eminem was the author of the two previous records. He rapped 9.6 syllables per second on “Rap God” in 2013, then 10.3 syllables per second on “Majesty” in 2018 with Nicki Minaj.

Eminem in the top of our Soundviz achievements

We also have a lot of Marschall Mathers fans in our Soundviz customers, the song that we find most often transformed into sound waves is of course the song “Lose Yourself”, straight out of the movie 8 Mile released in 2003.

For the creation of this sound wave, and for a rendering ultra-faithful to the aspect of the poster of the film, we have very easily re-created on our sound wave generator the following color palette:

Eminem 8 mile - Onde sonore Soundviz

Go now to the Soundviz sound wave generation page, and with the help of an MP3 file containing your music (here the title “Lose Yourself”) and the reference of the colours above (or other colours chosen from our list or that you can entirely customize), you will be able to create your own linear or radial sound waves, with or without text, … Create as many models as you wish to make the most perfect choice for your living room!

Would you like to know more about the use of the sound wave generator? Go to our Soundviz tutorial:

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