How to Choose Your Wedding Music Mix

Wedding Music, Check

Can you already imagine that guy or girl on the dance floor? The one who starts the Congo line, drops the worm next to Grandma and Grandpa slow dancing, breaks into an Irish jig during your favorite hip-hop song or pretends that they’re training for So You Think You Can Dance.

While we sometimes can’t predict our wedding-MVP-dance-heroes, we can certainly give them the best chance of succeeding with the right wedding music mix.

Why Your Wedding Music is so Important

Music flows through your wedding day from your first step down the aisle to your last song of the night on the dance floor. It cues your guests to relax and feel comfortable, or get excited to pop up and dance at the right moment. Music facilitates memories.

We all love certain songs because of how they make us feel or the memories that come pouring out when that certain beat hits like ear candy. Hopefully, your guests walk away with songs that will remind them of your wedding day.

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Determine Your Music Preferences

Choosing your wedding playlist can be overwhelming, especially with a typically wide generational gap within your guest list. Here are some good questions to ask yourself to kick off the planning process:

What type of vibe are we seeking during each part of our wedding? For example: pre-wedding pump up mix, soothing ceremony blend, acoustic-dream cocktail hour and reception dance party classics.

Do we want a live band or a DJ? Some couples do both, but keep in mind, live bands can be considerably more expensive.

What are meaningful songs from our lives and how can we incorporate them? Perhaps your first dance can be a remix of two songs that are “yours”.

Do we want to play only classics, only current or a blend of both? Make sure you choose a variety of songs that will get everyone on the dance floor. Music so contagious, even your curmudgeon uncle from out-of-town can’t resist.

What have we liked/disliked about the music choices at past weddings? Take notes of these things and share them openly with your musician or DJ.

What is our wedding theme and how can we leverage this for our music choices? For example, if you get married on a patriotic weekend, perhaps you want a national anthem remix playing when you announce your bridal party. If you have a beachy boho theme, steel drums are a beautiful way to serenade guests at your cocktail hour.

How much control do we want over the music? If you choose a DJ or band that you trust, you can give them genres, must plays, do not plays and then let them take the reins. You can also handpick the playlist from start to finish, the choice is yours! Get some great ideas from other people’s music at Green Wedding Shoes.

Do we want to surprise guests with our music? We’ve all seen those funny bridesmaid raps, flash mobs, groomsmen choreographed dances and bride/groom break-outs. If it fits your personality, music can add a great element of surprise to the day.

How long do we want our first dance song? If you thrive in the spotlight moment, enjoy a “Stairway to Heaven” style first dance song. If you dread the “all eyes on me” factor, pick a short and sweet alternative.

What will our guests enjoy? On the RSVP cards, include a question that requests song input. For example, “What gets you moving on the dance floor?”

Find A Song For Every Part of the Day

Now that you’ve got an idea of the type of music you want to play, here is a wedding music checklist of times throughout the day you will want to have your favorite songs playing.

  • Wedding morning playlist
  • Ceremony processional
  • Other special ceremony songs
  • Ceremony recessional
  • Cocktail hour
  • Bridal party reception entrance
  • Bride and groom first dance
  • Father – daughter dance
  • Mother – son dance
  • Anniversary dance
  • Cake cutting
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Garter Toss
  • Last song

Here is Bridal Guide’s complete music checklist for more details.

Give Your Guests the Gift of Music

Something else to think about; you can print out quality 4×6 SoundViz sound wave’s of your first dance or favorite song inscribed with the date for your wedding favors. This unique photo memory will remind your guests of this unforgettable day (and is something they will actually want to keep!). As with the rest of your wedding, your music should be a reflection of you and your personalities. Your guests are there to celebrate YOU, don’t be afraid to get funky with it.

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