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Soundviz Tutorial page

In this page, you will find all the best tips to make the best use of our online sound wave generator which is completely free.
You will find tips on how we proceed to create a sound wave with colors that exactly match a cover, or how to get a sound wave from a youtube video, …
Once you have created your sound wave, whether you choose a canvas print or a print to frame, or by providing you with a high definition file, the possibilities are endless. Many customers find in the creation of personalized sound waves ideas always of the most original, it can go from the tattoo of your sound wave (thanks to the high definition file that you give to your tattoo artist) to the invitation cards, printing on textile, etc…
Our clients are also charmed to be able to turn their most cherished memories into a sound wave that will be unique to them, that will correspond to the colors that suit them and that is their own. For example, we can record the sound of your voice which has a unique timbre to make a unique touching sentence for your partner or to record your baby’s first words. Mothers have also had the great idea of taking a recording of their baby’s heartbeat during the ultrasound to make a sound wave of their baby’s first heartbeat.
Find all these ideas in our blog articles or simply try our online generator now with your own original ideas.


5 steps to create a Soundwave matching the colors of an Image – Soundviz Tutorial

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If like I do, you enjoy creating harmonious Wall Art designs, managing to get a Soundwave matching the colors from any Artwork. If you want to achieve color perfection, today I will give you our little tips on how to get a sound wave perfectly in harmony with the cover of the music you have […]

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