Add to Your Halloween Decorations with A Halloween Song You Can Print!

Do you love celebrating Halloween and going all out with costumes, candy, and fun decorations? Are you hosting a Halloween party? SoundViz has a new decoration idea for you! Find a Halloween song you can print into a unique soundwave art. This is a one of a kind Halloween decoration that will without a doubt impress all your friends! Best of all, it is so easy and fun to create!

Halloween Decorations Michael Jackson Thriller

Halloween Songs

The first thing you need to do is pick the Halloween song you can print to make your soundwave. Just like Christmas songs, there are so many great Halloween songs to choose from. An obvious Halloween song that always comes to mind is the theme song of John Carpenter’s movie, “Halloween”. Especially this year, with the newest movie out in the Halloween saga.

According to Billboard, the most popular song played on Halloween is “Thriller”, by Michael Jackson. Some other great options are: “Monster Mash, by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers, and my favorite, The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme song, “This Is Halloween”, by Danny Elfman.

Make it Fun, Creepy, or Scary!

You can personalize it and make it into whatever theme you like. Once you upload your Halloween song, customize it further by choosing your color scheme. You can use shades of orange and black which are perfect Halloween colors, or use different shades of reds to make it look scary as if the soundwaves were made from blood! There are so many ways to make it the perfect Halloween decoration.

You still have time to order your Halloween Decorations today!

Just because this week is Halloween, it is not too late for you to get your Halloween soundwave art by SoundViz. If you like this idea and can’t wait for your delivery, don’t worry! Just order the digital download and then print it out at your local printer.

Once you have it printed, you can take it another step further and frame it in a special frame to add to the theme of your party or just to give it that extra spooky touch!






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