You may have already guessed this, but the I Love You Soundwave artwork is one of the most popular and it is obvious why. You are not only telling someone you love them, you are also saying it in such a unique way. But just because it is very popular, and many people have it, does not mean it can’t still be unique.

I Love You Soundwave

I love You Soundwave

Here at SoundViz, every soundwave is different. Even every I Love You Soundwave. You are not just getting a generic print of a soundwave that a random person recorded saying I love you. It is created and customized by you, with you or your loved one’s voice. Since everyone’s voice is different, every I Love You Soundwave is also different. There may be similarities, but just like a fingerprint, no two are alike. That is one thing that makes soundwave art so beautiful and meaningful.

Personalization-An Emerging Trend

Personalized gifts are in! According to Technavio, the leading global technology, research, and advisory company, we are in the personalized gift market and it is expected to keep growing. They believe it is caused by a growing gifting culture, innovative gifting solutions, and advancements in technology. Personalized gifts go a long way and can be cherished. We feel it is obvious that there is such an emerging trend.

Our top reasons on why personalized gifts are the way to go

  • Shows thoughtfulness
  • Memorable
  • Shows affection
  • One of a kind
  • Cherished forever

SoundViz- One of a Kind Personalization

When you personalize with SoundViz, you are not JUST personalizing something. You are creating it and completely customizing it to your needs. Not only are you in control of the voice recording, you have complete control of the soundwave style, the material you choose to print it on, the colors and/or text on your artwork, and the message that you send. This is what gives you the ultimate personalized gift! So, whether you create an I Love You Soundwave or a Heartbeat Soundwave, with the freedom of customization you get with us, you will always have a one of a kind work of art.

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