9 Unique Gifts for Music Lovers

Gifts for the Music Lover in Your Life

We’ve put together a roundup of some of our favorite unique gifts for the music lover in your life. From cat headphones to musical wine glasses, you’re sure to find something for everyone.

Unique Gifts for Music Lover, wood turntable

Wood Turntable by BDDW High-end design firm BDDW creates these custom turntables made on beautiful wood tables. A gift you’d really have to save up for, but too awe-inspiring not to mention.

Unique Gifts for Music Lover, cat headphones

Pet Headphones by Urban Outfitters Whether she’s a dog or cat person, anyone will appreciate these headphones with a stylish twist.

Unique Gifts for Music Lover, quote of favorite song

Custom Ombre Lyrics by TheOystersPearl Take a favorite lyric from a song and get it displayed with this modern typography. Ombré doesn’t just have to be for hair.

Unique Gifts for Music Lover, katy perry prayer candle

Celebrity Prayer Candle by ShopShrineOn A prayer candle you can personalize with a musician’s face and any quote you can think of. A quirky present anyone would have a good laugh over.

Unique Gifts for Music Lover, custom guitar pick

Personalized Guitar Pick by FiredUpLadiesHammer Finally a reason to try and not lose guitar picks! Give that favorite musician in your life a guitar pick with personalized markings.

Unique Gifts for Music Lover, tour poster

Vintage Tour Posters on Ebay Search on sites like Ebay for vintage tour posters of your giftee’s favorite band.

Unique Gifts for Music Lover, musical wine glass

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses by UncommonGoods Turn any party into a memorable night with these wine glasses that create musical notes depending on how full (or empty) the glass is.

Unique Gifts for Music Lover, cassette

Cassettes by Urban Outfitters Why would you ever NOT want a cassette these days? The ultimate white elephant gift they’ll never be able to use.

Unique Gifts for Music Lover, SoundViz Sound Wave Art

Custom sound wave art by SoundViz (us) We might be partial to this unique gift, but it’s our personal favorite! Turn a favorite song or recording into a modern and colorful sound wave. The best part? You design it yourself, we print it on the best quality materials and ship it to you, or get a digital download delivered instantly.





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