Having trouble finding Sound Gifts for the music lover on your list? Well, our team at SoundViz has come up with a Top 5 Music Fans Christmas Gifts list. We hope this list helps make your music lover’s holiday a hit!

Number 5- Spotify or Amazon Gift Card

What do you get for the person who has it all? That is always a tough situation. Why not get them a gift card for music? This way you can’t go wrong. You let your music lover pick out their own music. Spotify and Amazon have pretty much any music they could ever want.

Amazon Gift Card

Number 4- Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Bluetooth shower speakers are a nice gift to give to the person who is listening to music throughout the entire day. With this shower speaker in particular, they can listen to music in the shower and never miss a phone call!  

Number 3- Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Do you have an active person on your list? Check out these wireless earbuds. They are Bluetooth enabled and easily compatible with most phones and tablets. Not only are these waterproof earbuds great for working out, but they are also a very convenient option to make calls while driving.  

Number 2- Smart Light Bulb

If you are looking for a unique gift that is sure to impress, check out this smart light bulb. This light bulb is a perfect gift for any music lover or “techy” person on your list. It plays music wirelessly, while also being an energy efficient LED bulb that is dimmable and volume adjustable by any mobile device.  

Number 1- Soundwave Art by SoundViz

Of course, here at SoundViz, we feel that the number 1 gift on our Top 5 Music Fans Christmas Gifts list is soundwave art! Soundwave art created with SoundViz is truly the most meaningful and one of a kind gift you can give. It is fully customizable, so no piece of art is the same. Not only does soundwave art appeal to music lovers, but also art lovers as well. You can print out your soundwave as a fine art print that is ready to be framed, a gallery wrapped canvas, or order a digital download and pick your own way of displaying it.

Is this Top 5 Music Fans Christmas Gifts biased?

Yes, it is. But it’s for a greater good 😉

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