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A New SoundViz – The Radial Sound Wave

Happy Tuesday. We hope you all had a great holiday weekend.

We’ve been playing around with a new idea we’d like to share with you.

The traditional SoundViz is a linear wave form.

The x-axis (left to right) represents time while the y-axis (up and down) represents the loudness of your sound at a specific point in time.

So Chelsea and I sat down in our little SoundViz office (living room) and started thinking about different ways we could represent time. We came up with something that we think is really special.

Meet the Radial.

Instead of time being a straight line, the Radial represents time around a circle – like a clock – starting at 12 o’clock and continuing clockwise.

We think this is a fresh take on a classic design, but want your feedback.

Is this something you could see hanging in your house or on a… t-shirt?

As always we greatly appreciate your feedback. You can leave comments below, or drop us a note at

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