Soundwave Art - SoundWiz or SoundViz? New! The Radial Sound Wave

The New Radial Sound Wave: An Art Adventure

Introducing the Radial Sound Wave

A circular version of the linear sound wave

Take a good look at this picture of a radial sound wave and then close your eyes for a few moments.

Frames showing the radial sound wave

Did you see a luxurious art deco design from 1940’s french architecture? An orchestra building up to its crescendo?

A simple geometric shape of the sun?

A primitive drawing you might find on the walls of a cave etched by a Mayan artist?

Perhaps that old screen saver tunnel that captivates your eyes, taking you into outer space? Your boyfriend singing acapella?

That’s the beauty of SoundViz art. Each piece is a unique interpretation of sound by the creator (that’s you).

The circular sound wave is our latest rendition of visualizing audio messages, while maintaining the handcrafted charm of personalization. Creating this circular piece of art takes us on a journey transcending time (and space), sort of like an art adventure. It’s a new medium for storytelling, with a unique shape to compliment your special sound and fit that perfect space on your wall.

The radial wave is built using the same techniques as the original design. Soundviz captures the two most basic elements of sound, pressure and time, and instantly converts them into linear and radial images. Sound can be music, voices, shattering glass or really anything that comes from a vibrating source.

Photo of a radial sound wave with a heart inside

Generate your own Radial Sound Wave

Let’s do a quick walk-through of how it works!

  1. Once you’ve landed at, click on the link “Create you own.”
  2. Upload or record your favorite song, voice, or sound directly to the SoundViz site with our simple generator.
  3. Then, choose from an array of hand-picked color palettes including Hawaii Sunset, Trapped in a Dream and Summer Sorbet. I know, how could you possibly choose?
  4. When deciding the style of your sound wave, simply choose from the traditional linear option or the new radial wave. You are given full creative freedom to play around with the spacing, width, radius and rotation of the wave to make it distinctly yours.
radial sound wave art walkthrough





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