Sound Wave Art

A Sound Wave Picture For ALL Occasions

A sound wave picture is a unique way to capture and visualize sound. SoundViz lets you easily convert your own sound, song, or recording into a sound wave picture. You are not buying a generic sound wave another person created of a word or phrase. No one’s voice sounds the same, so every piece of art will be completely original. 

Need Inspiration for your own Sound Wave Picture?

Sound wave pictures make great gifts for all occasions. If you are feeling a little uninspired and can’t decide what to upload or record for your sound wave, check out these great ideas we have come up with for some special occasions and special people.

  1. Baby shower- Get a recording or ultrasound clip of the baby’s heartbeat or nursery rhyme and make that into the perfect baby shower gift.
  • Anniversary- Use your wedding song, portions of your vows, or a heartfelt saying like, “I love you.”
  • Dog or cat parent’s- Photos of our pets are great, but what about creating a sound wave picture of your pet’s bark or meow?
  • The tattoo lover- Pick a favorite song, sound, or phrase of this person and give them the gift of a new sound wave tattoo! This is easy to do, all you have to do is order our digital download file for only $30.00. The tattoo artist will be able to use this vector PDF file to size the sound wave to fit your body perfectly.
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day- Sometimes it can be tough figuring out what to get our parent’s for these special days, but they will absolutely go crazy over a gift like their children’s laugh, or voice saying a special word or phrase like, “I love you” beautifully transformed into a sound wave picture!
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