The New Custom Colors Feature: Storytelling, Better

Storytelling through sound wave art

We know you want a better way to tell your stories. Stories that are personal, visceral, vibrant and tangible.

Gather ’round my friends – you asked for it, so here is what we created for you!

SoundViz is over the rainbow excited to announce our new custom colors feature.

Why custom colors?

It has been our mission from the beginning to enable people to easily tell their stories through audio and visual media. Custom colors allows you to further personalize your sound wave art and draw color inspiration from your story to complete the piece as an amazing gift or personal decor. Colors remind us of feelings, things, people and memories. Not only has this major update enhanced the design experience, it allows you to master the art of storytelling through sound wave art.

You asked, we created

We always take your feedback seriously; after all, you are the artist. The number one request we have received is the option to create a custom color palette for your sound wave art. Implementing this is our way of acknowledging your individuality, creativity and desire to make meaningful, personalized art.

How it works

Custom colors inspiration

Here are a few ideas of how to take color inspiration from your story to enhance your custom sound wave.

Your favorite artist

Upload a song by your favorite artist and customize colors from their album cover to tell a story about their music.

Lucius Band Sound Wave Custom Colors

fare-forward soundwave art wolf custom colors

Support a cause

Upload a song about love and use meaningful colors to show your support and sympathy in a story too sad for words. This one is for Orlando…

For Orlando Sound Wave

A wedding or anniversary present

Upload a first dance song and use wedding colors to forever capture a perfect love story.

sound wave wedding gift custom colors

If you want to extract colors from an image to use on SoundViz, we like to use Adobe Color. Simply hit the camera icon in the upper right hand corner of the page and upload your photo.

You can try out our new custom color feature here.

What story will you tell?






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