10 Unique Father’s Day Gifts for the Music-Loving Dad

Your Dad will go crazy for these Father’s Day gifts.

You: “Hey Dad, what do you want for Father’s Day?”
Dad: “Nothing!”
You: “Seriously, what do you need?!”
Dad: “Just to spend time with you.”
You: “Dad!”
Dad: “Ok fine, socks.”

Dads can be tough to shop for. While socks are always a good go-to gift, it’s nice to come up with some creative Father’s Day gift ideas catered to his personality and passions. Whether your dad just enjoys listening to music or is the ultimate fan, we have listed some fun and unique gifts that are sure to get his heart pumping.

1. Guitar Pint Glasses

Pint Glasses

These glasses are fun for entertaining or just for everyday. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to throw in his favorite beer as an added bonus!

2. Frame His Old Record Covers

Record Frames

Rather than let his once bitchen’ records collect dust in the attic, put them to use as creative decor. As long as he doesn’t mind, take a few of his favorite classics and frame the album cover using these inexpensive frames from Michaels.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

Polkboom speaker

Keep your Dad plugged-in to his favorite tunes, while he’s doing his favorite activities, with this portable bluetooth speaker. It wraps around pretty much any surface and is waterproof to boot.

4. Listen Outside

Live Music

He loves spending time with you; whether it’s a summer concert in the park or seeing his favorite band at the local amphitheater. The gift of outdoor music is a real crowd pleaser!

5. Music Lessons


Has your dad always wanted to learn how to strum the guitar, play the drums or strike the keys to a piano? Now is the perfect chance to get him a gift card for music lessons. Don’t forget to check Groupon for great local deals. You can even treat him to his very own ukulele or a bongo drum to kick-start this new talent.

6. Go Digital

Guy listening to music

This is the gift your dad really needs but would never buy for himself. A subscription to Spotify, Google Music or Apple Music allows him to get tuned-in to old favorites and new-found hits while at work, hitting the gym or hanging around the house.

7. History + Music

Music museum

For the music loving dad who also loves history, take a trip to a music museum. Here are a few of the must-sees in the U.S, and with a quick google search, you will find many more local exhibits in your area.

8. His Day, His Music


If you are spending the day with your dad, give him a music pass to blast his favorite tunes, all day. You agree to not only listen to his music (in the car, at home, at your afternoon BBQ), but all of his favorite memories associated with the songs.

9. SoundViz Framed Song

Sound Wave Art - Father's Day Gift Idea

Bring his favorite song to life in the form of sound wave art. You can create the print on our site and even add a quote from the song or a special phrase for customization. If you need a last minute gift you can print at home, otherwise we can send you a fine art print, gallery wrapped canvas or digital file.

10. Sock Love > Everything Else

Father's Day Gift for Sock Subscription

We get it, you still just want to get him socks. Surprise him with this ‘fantastically fantastic’ monthly sock club subscription by Foot Cardigan. He will never need socks again! Dad: “I love it.”

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