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Every SoundViz has a story, you will find a few of the best Soundwave Art Stories in this section of our Blog. Music Art comes from Creativity.

Every SoundViz has a story articles

Let It Be: My Sound Wave Tattoo

A Sound Wave Tattoo for a Mother My sound wave tattoo has dreamy beginnings, rooting back to my harmonic version of bedtime stories. As a child, my mom always tucked me in for a good night’s sleep. I would snuggle under the covers and she would gently tickle my back, clearing my mind and easing […]

Naomi Kyle: Life, gaming and her pursuit of music

You know Naomi Kyle as an actor and current on-air host/writer for IGN Entertainment’s award-winning news show, The Daily Fix. You may have even seen her #askNK episodes on YouTube. Prior to becoming a kick-ass woman in the gaming world, Naomi explored acting in college and later signed with a top modeling agency.