Sound Wave Art by the SoundViz Team

When you make sound wave art with SoundViz, you create a truly one of a kind piece. This is why so many people love it, and our SoundViz team is no exception. We have all made sound wave art for ourselves and proudly hang it in our homes. Take a look at this awesome collection of sound wave art by the SoundViz team!

A Collection Of Our Favorite Songs

Each of us created and designed sound wave art made from our favorite song. You can see each piece of art has its own creative touch and really shows all of our different styles.

Vanessa: Crazy by Lost Frequencies

Stephan: Babylon by David Gray

Leila: The Alabama Song by David Bowie

Jean Pierre: Let It Be by the Beatles

Dora: Crane Wife 1&2 by The Decemberists

Our collection of sound wave art by the SoundViz team is a great visual of how different all SoundViz sound waves are! All five sound waves are unique in many ways and this is really awesome!

Create Your Own Collection!

When you choose to make sound wave art with SoundViz, not only are the songs and sounds you choose different, but the colors, size, shape, text, and layout are also very specialized and unique. There has not been one sound wave created here that is exactly the same as another. You have a truly one of a kind piece of art.

Try it for yourself and create a special collection of your own! We love seeing collections of SoundViz sound waves!






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