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Thunderstruck – Baby Ryan

Baby Ryan - Thunderstruck - Soundviz soundwave

On January 14th, you may have seen the video posted on the social media of the Youtuber Matt MacMillan (Abington, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) where he uses the sounds of his baby Ryan to make a sound realization based on the mythical AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. His video went around the world with 652 k views in just one […]

Eminem: 2020 – new album, new record!

soundviz 8 mile

Eminem makes a “surprise” comeback with his new album “Music To Be Murdered By”! And he takes the opportunity to beat a new record by rapping 229 words in 30 seconds on the track “Godzilla”. That’s why, today Soundviz wanted to honour one of the world’s greatest rappers! Eminem! Who delighted all his fans this […]

How to Choose Your Wedding Music Mix

Wedding Music, Check Can you already imagine that guy or girl on the dance floor? The one who starts the Congo line, drops the worm next to Grandma and Grandpa slow dancing, breaks into an Irish jig during your favorite hip-hop song or pretends that they’re training for So You Think You Can Dance. While […]

Major Lazer’s “Lean On” – Spotify’s most streamed song ever

Year in Music

Major Lazer at the top of Spotify’s Year in Music Every year Spotify releases their Year in Music which recaps the world’s most played artists, songs and albums of the year.  This year “Lean On” by Major Lazer, featuring MO and DJ Snake was not only the most streamed song of 2015, but the most streamed […]

8 Stunning Ways Artists Are Visualizing Sound

We’re a little obsessed with Sound Vizualizations, and we think there are some other artists out there doing a pretty awesome job at it. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites. Unique artists who are doing Sound Vizualizations

The Story Behind SoundViz

Try Soundviz

The story of how SoundViz started How SoundViz went from a grainy line chart to a powerful tool for story telling. Lessons from Nanna I spent my childhood with my Nanna. She was an incredibly talented, successful painter and interior designer. She’d hijack me from my then single mother and take me down to Balboa […]