Month: September 2015

  • Pantone Spring 2016 Colors

    Pantone Spring 2016 Colors

    Hey, I’m Chelsea, one of the founders here at SoundViz. Like Tyler, I’ve maintained a long-term love affair with music and art. From making middle-school musical playlists for my friends, to designing color palettes for SoundViz, I’ve always been close to music.

  • The Story Behind SoundViz

    The Story Behind SoundViz

    The story of how SoundViz started How SoundViz went from a grainy line chart to a powerful tool for story telling. Lessons from Nanna I spent my childhood with my Nanna. She was an incredibly talented, successful painter and interior designer. She’d hijack me from my then single mother and take me down to Balboa…

  • A New SoundViz – The Radial Sound Wave

    Happy Tuesday. We hope you all had a great holiday weekend. We’ve been playing around with a new idea we’d like to share with you. The traditional SoundViz is a linear wave form. The x-axis (left to right) represents time while the y-axis (up and down) represents the loudness of your sound at a specific…