For any occasion, birth, father’s day, mother’s day, Christmas, birthdays…, you can make an original and symbolic soundwave recorder of a unique voice for a loved one.

SoundViz Soundwave Recorder Accepted File Types
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Soundwave recorder – Make the most symbolic and Unique gift with your Unique voice timbre

Because every voice is Unique…

Just like our client, a young father, so proud to hear you say his baby “Dada” for the first time that he created a soundwave to remember this magical moment for the rest of his life.
What could be more precious for a future mother than to hear her baby’s first heartbeat during the ultrasound scan? And why not create a soundwave that you can preserve forever? What if you wanted to say “I love you” forever to the person you love the most? There are so many ways to preserve the unique voice of your loved ones with a waveform. SoundViz can convert any word you record or song you download into a downloadable file so you can do it yourself or have it turned into a canvas or art print.

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