What better message could you send as a sound wave than a sound wave I Love You for the most important person in your life? An eternal and symbolic gift that will be probably the most beautiful gift in the world!

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Our most beautiful SoundWave I Love You examples in a fully customized sound wave

It is not only on Valentine’s Day or for a birthday that it is important to say “I love you” to our loved ones. Because every moment spent with our wife or husband, your family and friends is worth remembering! 
And because every voice tone is unique, no sound wave with the same sentence will be the same if two different persons say it. Record your voice directly to our free online sound wave generator and try it for yourself. 
We have selected for you our most beautiful examples of declared love signs with a personalized sound wave. Whether it’s “I love you” or a child saying “Daddy” for the first time or the first heartbeat you hear from your baby during your first ultrasound scan, what better memory than to be able to illustrate it in the form of a sound art that will grace your home, and will undoubtedly be your most beautiful decorative object of all time.

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