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Tutorial – how to make a Sound Wave from a YouTube video?

In this tutorial, Soundviz wants to help you create a sound wave from a YouTube of your favorite musical piece easily and quickly. With all the best music on Youtube, it’s easy to find a video that contains your favorite song whether it’s Jazz, Soul, Pop music, etc… The largest music library in the world can be found on Youtube!

Soundviz particularly admires Manu’s Reviews on Soundorabilia and especially Stephen Stills’ ones that you can find here:

Sound wave from a YouTube Tutorial

The Stephen Stills song we love is “Go back home” certainly one of his greatest musical masterpieces ever.

Here is the Youtube video of this exceptional song:

We’ve chosen this song for our tutorial but you are of course free to choose any music you find on Youtube, the goal being simply to get the Youtube link, here the link we’ll need is this one:

Now here are the steps to follow to easily create the unique sound wave of your favorite music:

1. Convert the Youtube link to an MP3 file

With you will be able to quickly convert the Youtube link to an MP3 file and download it directly to your computer. To do this, copy/paste the Youtube link (here in the area provided for this purpose and click on the “Convert” button. Then click on “Download” and the MP3 file will download directly to your computer (here at home, the file will download directly to my “Download” folder).

Our online sound wave converter can convert to sound waves all MP3 files under 40Mb. If the file you get would be larger than 40Mb, you can use a free online compression site such as this site and follow the simple compression steps suggested on this site:

2. Use the MP3 file obtained from the Soundviz online sound wave generator.

2.1. You don’t have an account on yet?

Create easily and quickly your online account on This step is necessary for the user of the free sound wave generator, it allows you to save as many sound wave models as you want to be able to come back to it later to be sure of your choice before your order.

If you wish to have your sound wave printed on a beautiful canvas, it is important for you to make the right choice and to have the colors that you like the most and that correspond perfectly to the color codes that you have in your interior decoration for example.

sound wave from a youtube using Soundviz - Register

2.2. You already have your account on

So let’s get started, log in if you haven’t already, and you’ll finally be able to express your creative touch and have fun with our free online sound wave generator.

3. The generator and all its customization tools

3.1. Upload your audio file

On the first step of this generator, you will be able to choose your audio file or also directly record one if, for example, you want to record your unique voice timbre to make a sound wave with a phrase that will be intended for a loved one. Your sound wave from a youtube will be an MP3 file.

See here all types of audio files you could also use.

sound wave from a youtube - Upload it to Soundviz

3.2. The choice of colors

Again, the sound wave generator offers you an infinite choice of color customization. Thanks to the possibility of choosing an exact Hexadecimal color code, you can be sure to match the colors to each other.

For example, in our Blog article “how to create a sound wave in the colors of a music cover” you will be able to harmonize the colors for a totally stunning rendering!

Try a sound wave from a youtube
sound wave from a youtube - Pick the Colors Palette

Need some idea? No worries, Soundviz has prepared for you an already predefined choice of colours that you can try as you wish.

soundwave generator Color Picker- sound wave from a youtube

3.3. Choose the style of the sound wave

Whether you are sure of your color palette or not, don’t panic, you can go back to the previous steps at any time and see your sound wave evolve directly after each choice.

Here we will be able to customize the style of your sound wave, that is to say, to choose if you prefer to stay on a linear style or rather on a radial sound wave which can sometimes lend itself better as here for our realization in homage to Paul Walker:

See here all ideas of our Soundviz creations if you need some inspiration.

Paul Walker

You will, therefore, be able to change the presentation of your sound wave in linear or radial, change the spacing between the sound lines, put a shape at the extremities of these lines, change the width as well, and all this always with the possibility of seeing the rendering on other colors by returning to the previous step.

3.4. Add text

To put the finishing touch to your creation, why not add some text? A kind word, a date, the title of the song, … You can add a text and choose its style, its size, and even its positioning for an exceptional print on canvas!

sound wave from a youtube - Add text

3.5. Choose a type of printing or downloading

Once you have finally found the model that you like and corresponds to you, all that remains is to choose the medium on which you wish to receive your personalized sound wave.

  • As a high-quality downloadable file, it will be used for any printing you could imagine (for example on invitation cards, textile printing, and even to be able to present it to a tattoo artist in order to tattoo a sound wave that symbolizes something very strong for you – see our article about sound wave tattoo).
  • In canvas print or print to be framed. Find all our advice on these printing methods here:

Now you are ready to start creating your own sound waves with the simple and intuitive Soundviz tool. If you have any questions, concerns about using this tool, delivery issues, etc., please contact us. Do not hesitate to go through our online chat that you will find at the bottom right of our web page. One of our staff members will be happy to help you building a sound wave from a youtube.

sound wave from a youtube - Try it now





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