If like I do, you enjoy creating harmonious Wall Art designs, managing to get a Soundwave matching the colors from any Artwork. If you want to achieve color perfection, today I will give you our little tips on how to get a sound wave perfectly in harmony with the cover of the music you have chosen.

For this tutorial, I have chosen one of my favorites: Madonna’s Like A Prayer’s mythical cover. 

It is for me one of my favorite songs. I love it so much that I have already framed on my wall the cover of the vinyl that I’ve found on Soundorabilia.com (here is the link if you are also a fan of vintage vinyls ???? : https://soundorabilia.com/product/madonna-like-a-prayer-180gm-2012-uk-vinyl-lp-8122797357/)

Soundwave matching the colors in 5 Steps

So I’m going to explain to you how I use the free Soundviz sound wave generator to create a sound wave with the exact colors of a cover.

1- To start, find the cover you like in the best format you can find. I found Madona’s cover “Like a Prayer” on Google Image in a 1425 x 1425 px format with a rather high quality of 300 dpi (pixels/in).

Tip: in the google image search, you can find, right at the bottom of the search bar, the options “Tools” > “Size” so you can choose the largest size to be sure to find the highest quality image possible.

2- Take a sample of max 5 colors that correspond exactly to the cover you have chosen.

To do that, go to http://www.cssdrive.com/imagepalette/index.php. This site has a “Color Palette Generator” that will analyse automatically the image you have chosen. Once you have pressed “Get Palette”, you will get all colors used in the image as per below image.

Copy the hexadecimal color codes of the 5 colors you have chosen onto a notepad and that’s it!

I have chosen the following color codes:

Madonna Like a prayer colors

3- Now visit the Soundviz.com website. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one very easily. Don’t worry about registering, this will allow you to try as many times as you like, and Soundviz will keep them in memory for you when you next log in.

4- Create your color palette with the color code you picked up on Step 2.

Once you log in and reach the Sound Wave Generator builder, nothing could be simpler. Firstly you will be have to download the audio file of your choice.

Then you will be able to create your custom color palette. Click on “+ MAKE A COLOR PALETTE” and insert one to 5 colors with a simple copy/paste of the color codes that you have found.

5- All you have to do is follow the next steps. Let’s go even further in the customization of your sound wave.

You will be able to choose the width of the soundbars, the rounded or squared style of the bars. You can also set the spacing between these bars, choose a linear or radial display, insert text or not, etc… The possibilities are unlimited!

Soundwave matching the colors

That’s it! You created a great Wall Art already!

For my part, I love wandering around testing all the possibilities. Each of my tests is different every time, it’s just awesome!

Try it for yourself! Besides, you can also download your creation in a super high-quality format for only 30$ and then print it and make as many creations as you want (make a unique tattoo, create wedding or birthday invitations, frame it on the wall in very large formats, have it engraved on jewelry, …). The possibilities are endless!

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