Benny Hill would be 96 years old!

Who doesn’t know this world-famous British humorist and comedian of the 1980s. The Benny Hill Show has been seen on more than 130 tv channels around the world.

On January 21, 2020 we would have celebrated the 96th birthday of this extraordinary actor and for the occasion, we wanted to do a little wink to you and chase away your depressions after the passage of this Blue Monday ????

His greatest films

Benny Hill Chitty Chitty

Benny made his movie debut in WHO DONE IT? and, despite his busy TV career, took on roles in occasional films such as LIGHT UP THE SKY, THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES, the role of Toymaker in CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG and Professor Peach in THE ITALIAN JOB.

Benny Hill the italian job

The mythical Benny Hill songs

How can we talk about Benny Hill without going back to the theme that everyone is able to recognize and that we were already smiling at even before the begining of the episode! That’s why we offer you the occasion to have a little touch of humour on a soundwave Art !

For helping you to create your own version of the Benny Hill Theme with our free sound wave generetor, here is the colour panel we have selected from the colours of the British flag among others.

Benny Hill soundware colours palette

You can download a MP3 file containing the credits of the film (for example here first on Youtube) and then convert it to MP3 in order to upload it to

best of Benny Hill

Benny’s songwriting career has also enjoyed great success with GATHER IN THE MUSHROOMS, TRANSISTOR RADIO and HARVEST OF LOVE, all becoming Top 20 hits – and of course his #1 ERNIE hit: THE FASTEST MILKMAN IN THE WEST which dominated the charts for many weeks. and included several appearances on BBC Top Of The Pops, with what could be the very first Pop Promo.

Another original gift? How about a real vinyl Benny Hill!

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