upper half of radial sound wave art

SoundWiz is NOT our name 😉

Did you know that 3456 Google users are searching SoundWiz instead of Soundviz? Though we are Magicians and our Soundwave Art algorithm looks very much like Wizardy, we focus on the ‘Viz’ of the Data Visualisation of Music.

SoundWiz or SoundViz? That is the Question

SoundWiz or SoundViz? New! The Radial Sound Wave

That’s the magic of SoundViz art. Each piece is a unique interpretation of sound wave art by the creator (yes, that’s you).

The circular sound wave is our latest rendition of visualizing audio messages, while maintaining the handcrafted charm of personalization. Creating this circular piece of art takes us on a journey transcending time (and space), sort of like an art adventure. It’s a new medium for storytelling, with a unique shape to compliment your special sound and fit that perfect space on your wall.

The radial wave is built using the same techniques as the original design. Soundviz captures the two most basic elements of sound, pressure and time, and instantly converts them into linear and radial images. Sound can be music, voices, shattering glass or really anything that comes from a vibrating source.

Who is SoundViz?

SoundViz began as a little web page on the internet, but as people discovered it, got a hold of it and started creating with it, it’s become something totally new and unexpected. It’s become a way for people to express themselves more profoundly than I ever imagined. From the bedroom DJ printing his competition-not-so-winning-est remix, to the business owner capturing the sound of his first order, to a daughter’s first wedding dance, to the parents that tattooed themselves with their child’s first words, to the mother that lost her child and wanted to always remember her last voicemail, every SoundViz has an incredible, powerful story behind it.

By the way, these days, my remix prints come out looking much nicer now!

Beautiful Sound Wave Art






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